Rental Services

Alemobet offers a wide range of rental services that support your business activities. They include;

1. State of the art Video Conference Room & Equipment

Video conferencing enables virtual meetings that put you in front of customers, employees, business partners, co-workers and job applicants.

Alemobet offers video conference rooms, available for rent by the hour or day.

Let’s reinvent the way we conduct business – let’s change how we conduct depositions, interviews, distance learning, training, consulting, project meetings, sales presentations, demonstrations and executive conversations.

Interior of empty board room


2. Reinforced Sound Equipment & Band

Alemobet specializes in offering a variety of audio equipment for rental, installation, and rental packages for live, hybrid and virtual events.

Our ability to apply our know-how to large and small projects alike allows us to deliver excellent sound results from each project.

Let us solve your business problems for you